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Variations of Final Orders & Separation Agreements

Sometimes after parties enter into Separation Agreements or a Final Order is made, circumstances change that require the terms of the Agreement or Order to be changed. Most often one or both parties are seeking to change the custody and parenting or access provisions, the child support provisions or the spousal support provisions of the Agreement or Order.

variations of  court ordersVariations of Separation Agreements or Court Orders can be resolved by way of negotiation, mediation/arbitration or Court/Litigation.

Motion to Change an Agreement or Order

In most cases, in the event that you have to proceed to vary the terms of your Order through the Courts, you have to commence a Motion to Change (rather than an Application) to ask the Court to make the changes you are seeking to your Order. Your former spouse can make also claims by serving a Response to Motion to Change.

Dispute Resolution Meeting

dispute resolution divorceOnce a Motion to Change is served, the Case then proceeds through the Case Management system but starts with a meeting called a Dispute Resolution Meeting. A Dispute Resolution Meeting is held before an experienced Family Law Lawyer who provides advice to the parties and their Counsel.

Request a Consultation

If you are thinking of filing a Motion to Change an Order or Agreement, request a consultation with an experienced Family Law lawyer at Bombardieri Family Law.