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Divorce & Separation

Divorce and separation is an emotional and difficult time. The Bombardieri Family Law Team resolves your matters efficiently, cost effectively, and with a compassionate understanding of your particular situation. The issues arising as a result of divorce and separation can be complex and can often be confusing for clients. Our Team helps clients understand their rights and obligations and ensures that their current and future rights are protected.

Issues That May Arise From a Divorce or Separation

If you are married, the Divorce ActFamily Law Act, the Federal Child Support Guidelines, and the Children’s Law Reform Act govern the issues that arise as a result of the breakdown of your marriage. These issues can and may include:
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Our Team has an excellent working knowledge of the legislation and the case law that govern issues that arise when parties separate or divorce.

The issues arising from the breakdown of common law relationships are governed by the Family Law Act, the Children’s Law Reform Act, and the common law. Common law couples do not have the same property rights as married couples.

Conflict Resolution

There are several ways to resolve the issues that arise as a result of the breakdown of a relationship. Some of the options include: negotiation of the terms of a Separation Agreement between Counsel and your former spouse, Mediation and/or Arbitration, and Litigation.

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