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Family Law Services

The Bombardieri Family Law team has extensive experience in many areas of Family Law.

Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, and Milton residents choose us to represent them with professional expertise and compassion.

Mediation and Arbitration
Mediation and Arbitration are often cost-effective alternatives to the court process / litigation. Learn more

Separation Agreements
A Separation Agreement is a binding legal document that sets out how separated couples have agreed to settle their matters. Bombardieri Family Law have strong negotiation skills and work with opposing Counsel to ensure that our client’s needs are met. Learn more

Divorce and separation is an emotional and difficult time. Bombardieri Family Law can help you resolve all your issues efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Learn more

Custody & Access
Custody and access can be the most emotional and often, the most contentious issues for divorcing or separating couples. Learn more

Child Support
Protect the ones that mean the most to you. Let Bombardieri Family Law help you determine your rights and obligations with respect and support for your children. Learn more

Spousal Support
Paying or receiving spousal support can be a complicated subject Bombardieri Family Law can make sense of it all with privacy and discretion. Learn more

Property Division
There is a lot to consider during a divorce, but one of the most basic questions is “Who gets what?” A highly experienced family lawyer will help guide you to a resolution. Learn more


Variations of Orders & Agreements
When it comes to taking a fresh look at existing agreements we have the legal experience and knowledge to help. Learn more

Whether you are submitting an Application or responding to Court proceedings, at Bombardieri Family Law, we can help guide you through every step of the process. Learn more

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There are multiple options to choose from when navigating family law. It’s important you understand them and make the best choice for you. Request a consultation with Bombardieri Family Law.